What is Green IT and why is it important?

Are you responsible for sustainability within your organisation?

Would you like to adopt more eco-friendly behaviours yourself?

Our new GREEN IT e-learning modules show you how to cut carbon emissions by using technology more wisely. They can help you to make powerful changes whether you're shaping organisational strategy or your own approach and whether you work in a tech role or not.

        • 3 Modules
        • Take approx. 1 hr to complete
        • Online learning & testing with immediate results
        • Cost £30 (+vat) each
        • Interactive learning including video

Whatever your role, you'll be able to put your learning into practice straightaway, and in doing so, make a valuable contribution to reducing emissions.

Are you an individual looking to gain a basic understanding of GreenIT and change your own behaviours?

Do you want to learn more about Green IT? Need to influence strategic decisions within your organisation?

Do you want to understand Green IT within the context of an organisation?  Are you responsible for sustainability or IT strategy?

Module 1, discovering green IT. Discover the importance of green IT, its historical relevance and need for sustainable technology.  Downloadable carbon footprint checklist to measure our own actions.
Module 2, driving sustainability. Exploring green IT policies and their impact. Dive into the world of green IT policies and learn about their impact on the environment and the tech industry.
Module 3, avoiding greenwashing. Identifying and addressing the risks and roles in green IT

If you don't have a BCS account, you can purchase any of these courses straightaway and then will need to set up a free account to access the content

If your role involves sustainability or IT strategy, we suggest you complete all 3 modules
to develop an in-depth understanding.

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greener future

  IT consumes 4-6% of global electricity¹

   The internet alone accounts for 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions²

   The tech industry in the UK is one of the fastest growing industries, so energy use is rising too

IT's Carbon Footprint    

We all have a part to play in combatting climate change.  The UK's government has made a commitment to be net carbon neutral by 2050 and many organisations have set their own plans in motion to achieve that too. Increasingly, individuals are becoming more eco-conscious, aware of their own responsibilities and behaviours that impact the environment.

Whilst we often focus on factors like transport and manufacturing, digital technology also generates significant carbon emissions that can have a detrimental impact on the planet and our surroundings. Even every day quick tasks like an email, video call or social media post comes with a carbon cost.  With our increasing reliance on technology even these seemingly small actions can add up, especially as digital activity in all formats, consumes 4-6% of global electricity and emits more CO² than the aviation industry³.

In most organisations, employees' work revolves around digital devices and not just for those who work in IT or tech companies. Every type of business and every role will use technology of varying degrees from answering a mobile phone or sending an email to complex tech roles. And with IT infrastructure continually pushing new boundaries, technology could be responsible for a large portion of your emissions and energy costs, making a green IT plan essential.

Benefits to Business    

   Reusing and refurbishing IT equipment is more environmentally friendly and potentially cheaper than buying new

   Reusable, green IT products allow for longer maintenance cycles and less frequent device replacement

   More energy efficient technology can reduce energy consumption, reduce energy bills and reduce carbon footprints

   Improved corporate culture by demonstrating increased sustainability and ethical stance, leading to increased staff morale

   Improved public image and brand perception

   Improved customer loyalty as a result of socially responsible practices and subsequent reputation

   Meeting strategic sustainability goals that achieve regulatory objectives and satisfy stakeholders' expectations

   Raising awareness and setting an example to employees, customers, industry sector and stakeholders

   Opportunities for more efficient ways of working

Robust Green IT practices are vital to achieving your organisation's sustainability goals. For maximum impact, speak to us about delivering these modules to employees throughout your department or organisation.

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IT professionals; paving the way for a greener future

Today's IT professionals must find innovative ways to support both growth and sustainability targets. Whilst technology produces carbon, it also provides solutions to the climate crisis and it's essential to improving energy efficiency within organisations. The world will achieve net zero more rapidly with support of digital and data technologies.

BCS is committed to playing its part in tackling the global, climate emergency and in our quest to make IT good for society, we help develop skilled and accountable digital professionals capable of leading the charge against climate change.

Explore our professional certifications, registration and membership options alongside module 3 of Green IT Essentials.


1 Energy consumption of ICT: UK Parliament

2 Lean ICT: The Shift Project

3 CO2 emissions from commercial aviation: International Council on Clean Transportation